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(WJW) — We hang onto the cloud cover in parts of the area this morning. Winds coming in from the southwest sustained at 10 MPH will allow wind chills to dip into the teens tonight. Lows in the upper 20’s.

The southerly breezes will help push our temps above average. Highs expected to top in the low 40’s. I do think we’ll get some sunshine in the afternoon.

A warm front Wednesday night will present a small chance of a few rain showers and pockets of drizzle. Best chance for showers Friday morning.

The warmest day of the 8-day occurs Thursday with highs well into the mid 40’s, 10° above average! Then we have changes coming…

The jet stream is expected roar southward, carving a path for the colder air to seep over the Great Lakes. This will result in temperatures at or below average.

Yes, there is a chance of snow with this push of colder air. No, we’re not expecting significant snow. Snow chances start Friday and continue through next Tuesday. Lake Erie is wide open for business so you can count on periods of lake effect snow.